Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time people started using their ACs; However, due to the current lockdown caused by the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic, most people are unable to have their ACs checked professionally. Users to have their ACs serviced at home. we are giving the Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

With onset of summers, humans are in all likelihood to exchange on their air conditioners. Amidst the prolonged lockdown and the pandemic which has introduced the United States of America to a standstill, it’s miles hard for owners to discover a carrier technician. Therefore, Whirlpool of India brings to you, easy hints to carrier your air-conditioning structures at home.

Here is a step by step providing whirlpool ac maintenance tips for home and office

Step 1: MANDATORY – Turn off the power supply of the AC

Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Step 2: Open the AC Panel

Step 3: Remove filters one by one

Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Step 4: Gently clean the vaporizer coil with a toothbrush to remove any debris (Warning: Be careful as the vaporizer coil has sharp ridges that can cut your skin)

Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Step 5: Take a clean cloth and wipe the dust off the air conditioner.

Step 6: : Put the filters under a tap and clean them thoroughly

Step 7: Let the filters dry

Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Step 8: put the filters back in

Step9: close the AC panel

Whirlpool AC Maintenance Tips

Step 10:turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the fresh air.

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