whirlpool microwave oven problem

Whirlpool Microwave Oven Problems: Plate won’t Spin

Whirlpool MicrowaveOven Problems :

  • Plate
  • Guide Roller
  • Coupler
  • Drive Motor

The turning microwave plate is essential to uniformly prepare the food. your microwave plate needs to help your food while likewise going consistently to prepare the food uniformly on each side. In the event that your plate will not spin, this identifies with a whole turning get together intended for the reason. First, check the plate. At that point take a gander at the wide guide-rollers under the plate. At that point verify whether the pronged coupler in the microwave place is broken. At last, review the drive motor for current and coupling.

Microwave Oven Don’t Shut  off

  • Door interlock switch
  • Smart Board

Another issue can be that your microwave doesn’t stop running when the clock runs out. This alarming situation is shockingly normal and can do significantly more than overcook your food. You may have to drive the door open or unplug the unit to prevent it from cooking. For this situation, you need to look exclusively at electronic parts that may be to blame. The door interlock switch probably won’t trigger. Or on the other hand the microwave’s smartboard which controls the entirety of the microwave’s PC capacities like planning how long the unit runs.

Whirlpool Microwave Oven Problems

Whirlpool Microwave Oven Problems : Microwave Making Noise

  • Plate and Drive Motor
  • Magnetron
  • High Voltage Diode
  • Cooling Fan

There are a few distinct things that can make your microwave be noisy. The least demanding thing to analyze and fix is a boisterous microwave plate. On the off chance that the plate is shaking, explore the coupler and guide roller. On the off chance that it’s the drive motor or magnetron, these are among the most difficult to replce. It may likewise be the high voltage diode. depending upon the microwave, it may likewise be the cooling fan.

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