samsung microwave common problem

Samsung Microwave Common Problem – A Samsung microwave is an electric oven that warms and plans food by presenting it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave.

List of Samsung Microwave Common Problem

  • Microwave not turned on
  • Keyboard / touch pad / buttons not working in microwave
  • Microwave not warming the food
  • Power supply not coming to microwave
  • Microwave not heating properly
  • Fuse trips when a turned on microwave
  • Microwave plate does not spin


Samsung Microwave not switched on

On the off chance that your microwave will not beginning, you may disapprove of an door switch. The door switches, frequently alluded to as essential or optional interlock switches, give capacity to the different parts in the microwave when the door is in a shut position, and intrude on power when the door is open.

Keyboard / touch pad / buttons not working in oven

Press and hold the START/ENTER key again for around 4 seconds. The L pointer or lock symbol ought to vanish from the Display. In the event that the controls are as yet not reacting, attempt a reset on the microwave by unplugging the unit for 2-3 minutes. plug the microwave back in and attempt the utilization the microwave once again.

Microwave oven not warming the food

In the event that your microwave doesn’t warm, you may object to the magnetron. This segment is essential for the high voltage circuit and gives the microwaves that create the heat. On the off chance that the magnetron is
faulty, the unit may blow a circuit, or you may in any case have any remaining capacities working regularly.

Power supply not coming to microwave oven

On the off chance that your microwave will not turn on and the display is clear, the issue might be the earthenware meld. The ceramic  breaker is situated within the bureau close to the section point of the force string. Make sure to unplug the string prior to endeavoring any fixes. You can check the wire for progression with a multi-meter.

Microwave oven not heating properly

A microwave that doesn’t warm up may have a broken  magnetron. This is the part that makes the warmth to prepare the food. On the off chance that it is broken, it might blow a breaker in your microwave which could  prompt different parts coming up short

Fuse trips when a switched on microwave oven

On the off chance that any of the door lock hooks is broken or any of the switches is faulty, the machine won’t work. This could likewise make the microwave’s breaker blow or outing your circuit. You can test the                        entryway lock utilizing a multimeter in ohmmeter mode, first with the door in quite a while vacant position and afterward with it closed.

Samsung Microwave oven plate does not spin

first and most basic reason behind microwave turntable not turning is an issue with the engine of the turntable.  Interface the terminals of the motor with the terminals of the multimeter and check for continuity . Assuming there is no progression, you may have to get the motor replace

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