Samsung TV Common Issue

Samsung TV Common Issue

Samsung TV Common Issue – Our Samsung TV services are designed to use genuine replacement parts, so you can be proud of repairing your TV without sacrificing quality at a reasonable cost. Fixed costs, we have no secret charges. If you are looking for TV repair in chennai, Tamilnadu

Televisions have become the convergence of  many living rooms as families accumulate to watch their favorite movie or TV show. With several open choices on the TV schedule, some are opting for home theaters anywhere they can truly relax and thrive in

When a TV isn’t performing as expected, it can be disappointing to state even the smallest amount. Finding the cause of the problem is usually the first difficult part. As an aid, here are instructions for the samsung tv common issue and the best way to solve them to get you back to your programs

Samsung tv Common Issues (LED & LCD TV)

  • TV screen is blank
  • TV not switched on
  • Automatically TV switched off or on
  • HDMI port issue (depends upon the model we can fix the issue)
  • Horizontal line in the centre of the LED TV screen
  • Only horizontal line showing without picture
  • Squashed images in the screen
  • TV does not show picture but only plays the sound
  • LED TV displays picture but not plays sound
  • Backlight issues


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