sony tv common problem

Sony TV Common Problems:TVs have gone down in popularity with the presentation of large screen , slim and level LEDs and LCDs. Notwithstanding, there are numerous shoppers who actually have their CRT sets and are happy with them. Yet, numerous issues frequently identify with the image quality, picture tone and clearness and sound nature of these TV s. Now and again the expense of fixing such issues in the TV surpasses the expense of supplanting it with another TV.


Sony  TV Common Problems : television has no image

No image is an exceptionally normal issue with cathode ray  tube TVs. In the event that you are confronting such issue, check the undeniable things first for example check whether your TV is connected effectively and is getting adequate force for activity. On the off chance that the force is OK, check the video settings (like brilliance, sharpness, differentiation and picture settings). In the event that the settings are fine, there can be issue in the video link and equipment. In the event that the essential analysis comes out fine, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to call an expert TV fix individual.

Sony TV Common Problems : Single vertical line in the center of screen

Some time when you power on your TV you see a single thin  vertical line on the screen. The reasonable justification of this issue can be a flawed burden with a faulty or burned coiled inside it. Other reason can be flawed vertical ICs. The ICs may have lost contacts with bind joints as a result of the heat production during activity.

Sony TV Common Problems : Colorful shadows on the sides

Regardless of whether you have a Sony LED or LCD  TV or possessed it previously, you more likely than not saw eventually of time, a vivid shadow on the sides of the screen (can be viewed as rosy orange shadow in the image). It is predominantly because of quality of any attractive gadget close to the TV. Magnets set close to a TV can damage the set’s “shadow cover,” which can make some unacceptable tones show up in that space.\

Sony TV Common Problems


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