Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems : Whirlpool refrigerator is a complex machine. Additionally, it is the most important home appliances that is operational nonstop, keeping your food fresh. Due to continuous use, a whirlpool refrigerator may causes issues like cooling problem, defrost problem, faulty wiring, broken drain plate, sparking from socket, door closing problem, drain blockage etc.

Whirlpool Refrigerator problems with a Whirlpool refrigerator

If your Whirlpool refrigerator doesn’t begin it is constantly prescribed to check the MCB (Miniature circuit breaker). Issue with MCB can be a main cause of whirlpool refrigerator breakdown. In such case call a fridge repair professional.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems Insufficient current

A main explanation for whirlpool refrigerator not working is lacking current or voltage to the unit. Check the current and voltage of the power source with a multi-meter and voltage tester device.

Faulty motor

A defective motor is a main purpose for whirlpool refrigerator not working issue. In Many cases, the whirlpool refrigerator unit will shut down quickly or will not beginning at all if the motors is defective. Motors for the most part must be replaced when they get broken.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Problem: Faulty compressor

A Compressor is the core of a whirlpool fridge unit which is liable for refrigeration cycle. In the event that the refrigerator doesn’t work, the compressor may be damaged. The compressor is an motor which packs the refrigerant or coolant and circles the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser loops. Issues with your compressor may make the refrigerator shut down. Keeping compressor clean and lubricated can help with forestalling fridge start-up problem.

Dirty condenser coils

At the rear of a whirlpool refrigerator there are condenser coils that convert high pressure high temperature gas into high pressure liquid. During this transformation, the condenser coils disseminate a great deal of heat from the backside. On the off chance that the condenser coils are covered with dirt, heat may not disseminate as expected and fridge may not work effectively and may quit working totally.

Coolant shortage

In the event that the whirlpool refrigerator needs more coolant, it may not turn on or may not work effectively. The coolant circulates through the evaporator coils and cools the air streaming over it and in the long run sends cold air in the food area. So when the level of this refrigerant becomes insufficient, the fridge may not work as expected. We prescribe you to call a whirlpool refrigerator technicians to refill the compressor.

Faulty start capacitor

At the point when the refrigerator is turned ON, the thermostat conveys a signal to the start capacitor to trigger the compressor and start the refrigeration cycle of fridge. Yet, when the capacitor goes bad, it neglects to trigger refrigeration cycle and for some situation the fridge doesn’t start.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Problems

Faulty thermostat

A bad thermostat is a main cause of whirlpool refrigerator not working issue. A faulty thermostat can’t send start sign to start capacitor and the fridge doesn’t turn on. Please call us for fix that issue at your doorstep.

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